What is EasyBCD Boot Device?


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It isn't always the "system" partition and it isn't always the partition that contains the BCD being displayed.

I have 2 hard drives. I have the boot files on both and can boot Win7 from both.

In the attachments, the "EasyBCD Boot Device is shown as"H", but it is displaying the BCD that is on "J". The "system" partition is "J".

The last BCD I edited was on "H", and I guess that is why it is shown as "H".

I'm using EasyBCD version


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Thanks for asking this question :smile:

If EasyBCD shows

"Boot Device: X:\"

Then X:\ is the boot partition with the BCD and BOOTMGR. And it's mounted. EasyBCD will put all boot files here.

If X:\ is NOT mounted (as is the case with the new hidden partition in Windows 7), EasyBCD will use an algorithm to determine what should be the proxy boot device. It's usually going to end up being the Windows partition for your currently-booted copy. In that case, EasyBCD will show:

"EasyBCD Boot Device: X:\"