What is Lenovo Service Bridge?

What is Lenovo Service Bridge and why do the automatic "download update" or whatever they are seem to be happening rather frequently?

PC / Windows 7:
1. Wondered why automatic "download update" or whatever they are messages seemed to be appearing rather frequently;
2. Asked on a couple of on-line forums; was told that ""Lenovo Service Bridge (LSB.exe) is a Windows program that will automatically detect your Lenovo computer's serial number, machine type and model. It then passes this information to our website so that we can better assist you with your support needs."
3. So? I do not have a "Lenovo computer"! Why is this program on my PC attempting to gather information to "better assist [me] with . . . support needs" I have not known I had??
4. So, since on-line info from different sources was inconclusive about whether the LSB.exe business was necessary, I uninstalled it and deleted any "Lenovo" listings found in regedit.
5. Then this morning, when booting up the PC, I'm presented with:
Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
* Activation of C:\Users\NE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Lenovo\Lenovo Service Bridge.appref-ms resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
+ Could not find file 'C:\Users\NE\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Lenovo\Lenovo Service Bridge.appref-ms'.
6. Canceled the message popup and cannot see that this supposed error has any effect on operation.
7. So: if this supposed "service bridge" is so all-critical to happy operation of MS's Windows 7, why is there no confirmation of that anywhere? and why do supposed people-in-the-know recommend uninstalling the program (makes sense to me since I have never had any known "support need" regarding it)? and why does the ERROR MESSAGE now claim that removal of LSB is A Great Problem?

Any response direct to the issue stated here will be appreciated! Thanks.


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What can I say? Dell have a similar thing with their Service Center or whatever they call it and many other PC makers do too. It's a personal choice of whether or not you want that service link or not. Personally I always uninstall all the bloatware, sometimes with the help of CCleaner, if it wont all disappear. If you do ever need Lenovo there is always the opportunity to go to their website and do it that way. The only advantage I can see to the software is that it does make sure your drivers are up to date....well it should if it works properly.


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The errors subsequent to uninstalling it are merely failed attempts to start what you removed, left behind by the original install in your startmenu folder. Delete that junk too (or remove them from startup with msconfig).
You can avoid miscellaneous junk like that by uninstalling stuff (especially ad/mal/bloatware) using something like Revo uninstaller rather than a simple Windows uninstall.
It will search for additional rubbish associated with the program hidden away in places like the folder you mention and even deep in the registry, and scrub all that stuff clean as well.
Have a good look at the startup tab in msconfig.
You'll probably find scores of programs that get started automatically at boot that you weren't aware of. If you didn't put them there and don't need them running 24/7 on your PC, untick them all and check regularly for new ones and those which have managed to put themselves back in again.
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