What is that annoying bleep?


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As I hardly ever use XP these days I've only just noticed that this website always bleeps at me in one of my XP's IE7....why? It doesn't matter which part of the website I access - there's that weird sound again.

I've turned off Google Toolbar's pop-up blocker, IE7's anti-phishing filter AND pop-up blocker and I've added the site to my allowed cookies list....what is it, it is driving me insane (well, more insane than usual that is...LOL).?????

It has to be something with your sound settings. As i have never had that happen to me before.
It's only in one of my two XP's and it happens exactly as IE7's bottom progress bar completes. The sound settings are the same as in all my other boots and in any case, I turned off pop-up blocker's sound.

I vaguely remember seeing something about this, but where escapes me.

It appears that this site is on the restricted sites list....I'll have to look into this further.


Well, I hit the reset button on IE7 and that cured it...I guess I'll never know what it was. Of course, I now have to sign in everywhere again.
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It could have been due to some setting in the browser. I have never come across anything like it before.
It's the RSS feed notification.

In the IE7 advanced options there's an option to "chime" (or something) when a feed is detected (when the RSS icon appears in your browser).
I don't see that one, however it has stopped.

I think it has something to do with security zones and the Privacy Report on the bottom toolbar.
I have the same symbol appearing on it in Vista, but at least that annoying bleep/squawk doesn't happen.
This thing is what I think is causing it:


and when I double-click it this comes up, which, no matter what I do with the settings, always shows them as blocked:


It's stopped anyway, so I guess I'll never know what the heck it was.

That symbol doesn't appear with most of my other frequently visited sites so not sure why it's there.
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It's this option:

(the very last one. it's unticked above).


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