What is the normal price for EasyBCD?

Was EasyBCD once free, but now it's not? :nerd:

[I didn't pay anything for 2.1 (a few months ago), but now when I try to update to
2.1.1, it wants me to pay. Yet, I don't see anything in FAQ or elsewhere, explaining
cost structure.]



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It's free for non-commercial use. Scroll down the product page and look for the link underneath the Buy Now button.



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We're redesigning it to make it clearer.
Thanks for clarifying. After a few fits and starts, I finally did manage to get a free copy of 2.1.1 to download
and install.

[And, extra good news for me, is that the newer edition DOES fix the glitch I was having, where
it showed duplicate entries for one of my OSes (for total of 3) during the actual boot-time display, when
the GUI-interface showed only the correct total of 2.]

Glad to hear you're re-designing to fix the confusion on price, etc. It DOES need that. :nerd:



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Glad to hear it.