what is this??????


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how does an add like this get info about what ebsite i'm using plus specific details such as usenames can't passwords be obtained in the same way????????????
plus isn't it an invasion of privacy?

how does it gain acess to my webpage
and view it and remove onfo from it ???


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You ought to be using Maxthon. I began using it because of its great popup and ad blocking, and I wasn't aware, till I saw your post, that there were ads on the page. I never see any.
i think i have some firewall and add protection but i've always had these adds come on top of the page but this is the first time i've seen anything like this one scarry

did mahmoud do somthing with the attatchments cause it looks really cool now

hmmm no double posts will be merged????


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It doesn't access any info from your PC.

Instead, when an Ad is served, the people serving the ad check the URI the ad is set to appear on.

For instance, if I sold an ad block on neosmart.net/thisisanad.html and someone visited that page, the people who bought that ad send a robot to that page, check its contents, and generate some text to make the links.


did mahmoud do somthing with the attatchments cause it looks really cool now

Yes, now certain types of images will appear in a pop-up-like box when you click on them, and it'll disappear when you click elsewhere. Glad you like it.

hmmm no double posts will be merged????
Posts w/ attachments aren't always merged.
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no mak you lost me some post counts why?????!!!!!!!!!!11111
yeah but how could it have known my username without spying on my page????
i mean how did it know to pu aligator in it?
so if i got the same add again would it re randomize the words in the box or would it be the same thing for everyone?
okay if someone gets that add plz tell me i am interested to find out how it looks the next time
thanks for all your help
and thankfully its not a virus like what ronin said
Just bumping this old thread with some useful info I discovered today in this article
If you've ever been irritated by embedded links in text which pop-up an ad which obliterates what you're trying to read (and usually has absolutely no connection with the subject matter), then here are the 3 websites to block in whichever browser you use.
(I include the relevant text here for you)

This link is an ad
No money-making editorial website is free of advertisements - PC Advisor included -but I hope my publishers never include those links that create a pop-up ad when you hover over them.
Do people even look at those ads? I just hunt for the ‘X' and get back to the editorial.
The fix
Internet Explorer users have it easy: Go to your list of restricted sites (Tools, Internet Options, Security, Restricted Sites in IE8) and block the following: '*.vibrantmedia.com', '*.intellitxt.com' and '*.kontera.com'.
I get maybe two offers a month from these 3 companies about adding their ads to NST. But there's a not-so-fine line between monetizing and driving users nuts and I always have to keep telling them no.