What is wrong when I use EasyBCD 1.6 to boot FC7?


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I have Vista installed on the primare master. Vista was installed first. I have installed Fedora 7 on the secondary slave. Partitioning of the linux-drive is standard settings. The bootloader is grub, which I installed to the /boot partition. It is instructed only to boot Fedora and not to care about any other partition.

Using EasyBCD 1.6 I added the linux partition to the Windows bootloader.

After reboot Fedora shows up as an alternative. But When I choose it every thing that happens is:

loading new partition
Bootsector from C.H. Hochstätter

And then nothing!

Is there something wrong with the configuration of grub or is there some sort of disk error? Or what could it be? Should I try a linux rescue CD and rescue the installation?

The linux drive is an IDE, set as a secondary slave. The Vista drive is a SATA drive.

This post is also posted in a general linux forum. I hope there's no hard feelings due to that.

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Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, martinr,

You have the dreaded "GRUB_" error (we really need a good name for that... just like BSOD and Co!)

We had a lot of users with this problem before EasyBCD 1.6 (or was 1.52?) when we switched to the Hochstätter implementation instead of the standard bootsector dump; at this point, if you get this error, it probably indicates a bad bootsector (usually caused by old bootloader data, incorrect repartitioning, previous failed bootsector writes, and so on and so forth).

Grab 1.61 Beta
Delete the old Linux entry
Create a new Linux entry specifying "GRUB isn't installed to the bootsector"

That should do the trick.