What The?!?

Hey everyone...here's one to shake your head at. I'm brand new to this, seeing the BCD info on a site trying to find out how to delete a second operating system off a hard drive. Actually it's a friend's computer who I'm trying to help (which makes it worse). So as I'm on the site and trying to figure it all out, my son. a little guy, is n my lap and as I'm reading he clicks the mouse. The "reset BCE configuration" was checked and as I was reading my son clicked "perform action" before I grabbed the mouse. Beautiful. Now it says "BCD reset successfully. Please reconfigure now". I have no idea how to do this. So I'm stuck. It's late, have to work early, but I'm affraid to shut down the computer or do anything with it now. If anyone can give me a quick rundown on how to deal with this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You need to re-add the Windows entry.