Where is the dignostics center?


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I messed up my Vista boot settings, now all the operating systems are gone. I am looking for the diagnostics center and the "Reset BCD Storage" option. I can't find either within the program.


Actually, I am in XP. Is that why I can't see it? My operating systems were deleted from the boot menu. Should I just make a vista recovery disc and repair that way? I'm scared to reboot!


Ahhh! I took a deep breath and turned my computer off...repaired with startup disc in about 3 seconds...rebooted into Vista. Whew!

Glad I found this forum. Thanks for everyone's help, haha.
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fyi Diagnostics was a tab in the EasyBCD 1
EasyBCD 2 has been completely reorganized, hopefully more logically and to be more user-friendly.
The feature you wanted will now probably be inside the bootloader or BCD tabs.