Where is the .ISO file?


Yea I know, I'm a noob for asking such question.

Quick story: I bought a new gaming computer and b/c of it I didn't use my old pc for more than a month. I think the battery inside it died and somefiles that make it startup died with it.

small question: Is it normal for PCs to do that?

Well I looked around and found out you can make your own recovery disc. So.... I downloaded the torrent. I un-rar'ed it. Now I have this.

A folder called "boot"
inside this folder are;

Another folder called "sources"
inside this folder is;

A single file called "bootmgr"

So I'm not sure which one is the .ISO file. Well, do I burn ALL the files to the disk? Or just one? If so which one?

and last question that will degrade me more is;

What kind of disk to I have to burn to?

Thank you~ Victor
To my knowledge you can replace your cmos battery without losing any files. I don't know of any files that would be lost due to not using a computer for a month.

Did you replace the battery?
What happens when you try to boot up the computer?
well I havn't replaced it but I mean there isn't any other explanation then something running out of power... it worked perfectly before. So anyway it says that some file is missing or corrupt. I can't remember the exact file but anyway can you answer my other questions on the .ISO file?
You should not have un-rared it. The file itself was downloaded as a ISO and you use software to burn that to a CD. Something like ImgBurn will work perfectly and it is free.

You can burn it to a blank CD-R or CD-RW. Which ever you prefer.

You can replace the CMOS battery, the watch battery looking thing, without losing any data. That is jsut to save the settings of the BIOS. So if your BIOS settings are all the same or you did not get any error in regards to the BIOS losing it settings, then it is not the CMOS battery.
oh wow lol, winrar made it look like a .rar file so I just assumed it was. Thanks! Well w/e it is that made my computer funky it will be fixed soon. THANKS GUYS.
Thanks Terry. Had to switch since my other Avatar got taken off for some reason. 0.o

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