Where is the ISO image file?

I have just bought your Windows 7 recovery disk and downloaded it to my computer.

Your instructions says to copy the ISO image file to my USB drive ... but my download was a ZIP file ... with lots of files inside, but I don't see the ISO image file?

I need to move forward with this but the missing file is causing me wasted time. In addition, since I'm in New Zealand, I'll probably have to wait at least 24 - 30 hours before I'll see any response to this question.

This makes my purchase of your solution less valuable to me.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
The file you downloaded is an ISO image for a Windows recovery CD. It is not a zip file and is not intended to be opened directly.
Depending on how your PC is configured and what software you have installed, it may appear as a WinZIP or WinRAR archive, a video file, or as a file for a particular burning application (Roxio, Nero, etc.).

You should not open the download directly. Don't attempt to run it as a program; do not unzip or otherwise attempt to extract the download, either.

It is important to follow the instructions at Burning ISO images with ActiveISO very carefully. Note that the file name will be different, the one shown in the picture is just an example. You should browse to the file you downloaded (usually called "EasyRE for Windows xxxx") and burn that to the disc as shown.