Which WP Cache is Which?

It all depends on what caching engine you have installed on your server.

You need to first install a caching plugin for Apache or IIS or whatever, then download the right version for your PHP server.

I recommend the XCache version if you don't already have a caching engine installed. If you have dedicated hosting, you'll have to install it yourself. If you're on a shared server, contact your host and ask them what PHP caching engine they have installed (they usually have APC or eAccelerator already there).
i used shared hosting. can you tell, from this php info page, what caching engine is installed?

by the way, i'm currently using WP-CACHE
how does it compare to your plugins?


here's more info from my host:
Configuration php_ini value
Php scripts are allowed to run for 50000 seconds max_execution_time 50000
Your webserver will wait for form data for 50000 seconds max_input_time -1
File uploads are enabled file_uploads 1
File Uploads are limited to 20M upload_max_filesize 20M
Post data is limited to 8M post_max_size 8M
Global variables are registered register_globals 1
Safe Mode is Off safe_mode 0
Remote files can be opended by fopen() allow_url_fopen 1
eAccelerator is not enabled eaccelerator.enable

PHP information for Laptop Academy Welcome

max_execution_time: 50000
max_input_time: -1
file_uploads: 1
upload_max_filesize: 20M
post_max_size: 8M
register_globals: 1
safe_mode: 0
allow_url_fopen: 1

Other information:

PHP Server API: cgi
WordPress Version: 2.3.3
WordPress Blog URI: Laptop Academy Welcome
WordPress Installation URI: Laptop Academy Welcome
WordPress Theme: /wp-content/themes/laptop-web-2-0
WordPress Permalink Structure: /%postname%%post_id%
WordPress wp-content directory is writable
WordPress does not use Gzip Compression
WP-Cache is running on this installation of WordPress
GD library is installed
PHP Version: 4.4.7
MySQL Version: 5.0.51-log
Browser used: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080201 Firefox/
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eAccelerator is not enabled eaccelerator.enable
just about says it. You'll need to ask your host to enable eAccelerator to continue.

NST's plugin accelerates the serving of all non-html-cached content on your site. So stuff that's not being cached by wp-cache, or stuff that's expired in wp-cache's cache will be served quicker with this plugin.