Who would like to know something ironic?


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Quite a interesting twist in fate Arch Duke Ferdinand who was assination sparked the first world war was warring a early type of bullet proof vest made from silk an woven steel. The fear he would be killed caused him to invest in one but it still didn't stop him from riding in a open topped car, which gave his assassin a better opportunity to shoot him in the thought .

I find it quite ironic.
That is ironic. But i find him quite stupid. If hes so scared of getting whacked then why ride in an open car???

But yeah i guess the idea of bulletproof/protective vests have been there for a long time. Like chain mail and other except those are arrowproof.
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Why did JFK ride in a Open Top car when he knew that he was wanted dead? Why did Abe Lincoln not have his guards at the door when he was at the theater?

Just because they do something like that does not make them stupid.
I haven't googled this, but just from memory, I think his time was up (fate wise). I seem to remember that the assassins (there were several in groups) intended to lob a bomb in his car, but something (timing/route change ?) scuppered their plans, and they were on the point of going home in a sulk when one of them chanced upon the royal party and improvised with a pistol.
"the shot that was heard around the world" which we discussed in another thread some time ago.
Yes, but perhaps the "bulletproof vest" gave him a false sense of security?

They do tend to do that, when i was in the army my unit elected not to ware any other than a very lightweight flack vest during desert operations as the weight an heat issues. But i have seen other units that did ware heavy flack vests that makes the average squaddie think he is terminator an stand just that little more open.

I hate the term "Bulletproof vest" there is no such thing it's just bullet resistant. even then your still going to feel like crap when you get slotted the vest flexes an leaves a huge bruse an maybe a broken rib depending on where you got hit.
I agree with Guru, Saxzon. I mean they do give a false sense of security. Kinda like the bomb proof suit. Gives you this security that you will be alright. But they forget to mention things like the concussion you will have or all the broken bones you will be left with.
Regardless of "how secure" a person may fell with such a device or how many brusies and broken bones they may have as the result of being hit, the vest has done it's job... keeping you alive. They definetly need to come up with another name for it though... some injury, no matter how severe, defeats the meaning of bullet proof. The vest ovb. takes some damage.

It'll be hard to make a device that truly reflects the name though. As Saxon already stated, the current gear they must wear is heavy enough as it is... it isn't like they could take some bullet proof heavymetal and strap it to someone.
Don't they call it "body armour" these days. Short, to the point, and reasonably accurately descriptive.
They do but the term "bullet prof" has stuck.

I am annoyed by that term so much, you have no idea how much.
bulletproof or body armor, doesn't matter to me...I would prefer not to get shot at all!:tongueout:

Soldiers putting themselves in the line of fire everyday have my utmost respect cause I don't think I could do it. I pray for them everynight.
I agree with Woody Allen's doctor's advice "Don't let lead enter your body - It's bad for your health"