Why doesn't Easy Window Switcher show in "Add or Remove Programs" of Windows 10?


I bought a personal license of the Easy Window Switcher, and I installed it onto two computers. This has worked well on both, but this morning it isn't working on one of them. because I forgot the name of this app, I tried to scan through my apps in the Add or Remove Programs of Windows 10, but it wasn't shown. When I remembered the name of this program, I searched again in the list, but I cannot see it in either computer under either NeoSmart or any name that might resemble it.

Why is that, and what's the best way to troubleshoot issues relating to it? Should I uninstall it and reinstall it?


Staff member
Glad it's OK now. I think the answer is most likely that it was designed around a previous version of Windows. The last update was in 2019.
In the Start Menu search bar type Easy Windows press Enter key. It should appear in the list above (give it a few seconds), then you could right-click it and make a short cut.