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Select "Install the Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR" from the second menu, then click "Write MBR"
(Note - the first section applies to External Devices (e.g USB flashdrives). Do not use it on your HDD)
Why dont you say that in this window???? I DID run it on my drive this is stupid that there is no warning. zLook at the window, there is a drop down window with the drive options so naturally you click it....duh

I cant get W7 to show up no matter what I do. Do I change the Drive letter?
I am so frustrated I want to smash this pile of shit. I have XP on "C", W7 new install on "F", someone please walk me EXACTLY though the steps to get W7 back. Please. I have been to every window and dammit....


And why do the instructions talk about Vista instead of W7????
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You won't win any fans by coming in here swearing and yelling.

It's hard to get people to help you when this is the attitude you adopt.
Because the boot loader process for windows seven and Windows Vista is virtually identical the documentation for Windows Vista can be applied to Windows 7.

How do you have your partition setup? What version of Windows are you running Easy BCD out of?

If you can't manage to get into any version of Windows:

Windows 7 recovery disk: