why o why did i do this


older pc,a compaq with win 7 pro version,bought new disc from college.
compaq presario sr1703wm
amd sempron
designed for windows xp-but had win 7 installed.

worked GREAT had 2 -256 sticks and a 1 gig stick. of Ram
80 gig hard drive.

but it was starting to get real close to full.
i decided to install an extra hard drive,and some more ram.
so i powered it off,took out power cable powered it off again,opened it up,Swapped a cable to be able to link 2 hd-s.
the original cable had no provision for 2 hard drives.
checked all pins,made sure new 160?180? gig hard drive was Slaved.

installed new ram.took out 2-256 sticks and installed 2-512`s and another 1 gig stick.
checked all cables,reattached mouse/kb/display-then plugged in power cord.

powered up,happy as a clam,cause man this thing should run circles around me now right...?

no boot manager.--digital signature error.

cant get F8 key to do Anything!!--no advanced Anything available
can See dvd drive working but Doesnt read the win7 disk..or apply it?
cant get into safe mode.
cant get anywhere except the bios,and im clueless there.

it shows Both the hard drives All the ram,says shadowed.
it will show my usb drive too.
entering bios and changing boot options to disk/usb/hd/does nothing for me.

what ive done so far.
replaced everything as it was except for the ram.
rebooted same error
swapped out hard drives from other pcs of yesteryear
same error.
tried changing boot sequence a million times.
including swapping dvd drives i have two installed,and tried running win7 disc from there
same error
tried setting to defaults-
same error

at this point,ive reinstalled everything-both hard drives,and all the ram because if i can fix it,thats what i want.

problem..i can rebuild your car,your house,etc BUT-i am a complete computer idiot..if its explained to me in english,i might grasp it.
can anyone assist me in saving this computer?

ps,the 80gig w win 7 has tons of pics of my kids and i dont want to lose those.

right now im on a $50 junker i bought just to get back online to hopefully get mine fixed.
any help would be vastly appreciated.