Why won't my OS X entry boot?

Is there something that has to be done for an OS X entry to boot in EasyBCD other than accepting the defalts? I think the OS X install went fine, it just won't boot. Thank you.
I am trying to Boot OSX Leopard. The original OS is Vista. I have the Vista bootloader working, with an entry for OSX, but it does not boot.
I finally found out what had happened, I needed to add the option for the OS X entry and check the box labeled "MBR" It's working now, although it still goes through the Darwin bootloader. Thanks for your help.
hi i am having a similar problem
i created an entry for osx under mbr and it still will not boot it lets me choose osx and the entry takes me to the grub thing

windows 7 and osx 10.5

easy bcd 2.0