Wi-Fi Woes on Gutsy Gibbon


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Okay, I'm having a problem with Wireless Network configuration. That thing up connects to some local network that doesn't work, so I need to enter my network settings, which I do, DNS, IP, Gateway and others.. And when I update the settings, it disconnects from the one it was connected with, and I connect it to my Access Point. And when it connects to it, it deletes settings I've put, and returns the default settings, which doesn't work with my Access Point. :angry: I tried 5 times, and it keeps returning me to default settings. I go to Network Tools to see can I Ping my network, and it's dead, even if I update settings again, it just can't apply them. GRRRR, Sargy is mad at Ubuntu 7.10:rage:
OK, I'm trying to understand what you're saying, but I'm not having much luck.

Isn't the access point and the wireless router the same device?
Well, I'm not sure :grinning:, but what I was talking about is this thing:


Those "access XX" things you can chose. I called that an access point, source of wireless signal. Um, sounds any better? :ldown: