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I tried to follow the Ubuntu tutorial on the wiki but it is very confusing. No matter how I interpret it, Ubuntu will not work with the Windows 7 bootloader using EasyBCD 1.7.2. Would some kind person please rewrite and repicture the tutorial, or remove it completely.

Unclear bits

  • The text tells us to use ext3, but the images show that reiserfs is being used. I could only find ext3-journaled. Is that the same thing as ext3 or is different (as in HFS and HFS+journaled)?

  • The text implies that we should use the /dev/sda1 format for selecting the bootloader location, but the image shows the format as (hd0,1). Which one is right?
I've installed linux to sdb3 from my harddisk. I've tried /dev/sda3, (hd0,3) and (hd1,3) but nothing works.

  • Should Ubuntu be installed to a Logical or Primary partition?

  • Further down the tutorial, the EasyBCD screengrabs imply that we should boot from the Ubuntu swap file. That cant be right can it?
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Hi 3-way, welcome to NST.
The forum is the most up-to date source of information.
If you'd read the sticky thread and followed the advice in the title "read before posting with a problem",
you'd have seen that EasyBCD 1.7 cannot be used successfully with Ubuntu releases later than 8.04.
EasyBCD 2.0 is needed to handle the change of syntax that occurred in grub at 8.10.
You'll note that Easy2 is currently on build 63. Some of those builds were obviously to fix bugs discovered in development, but a large proportion are providing additional functionality, build on build.
Neosmart code is all free, and all written by one individual. The website is maintained by the same overworked man, helped out by just 2 of us from the 15000+ registered users, not to mention the other anonymous guests who must number over a million judging by the number of copies of EasyBCD out there in use.
Nobody has the time to go back and modify each and every one of the hundreds of wiki articles to include all the details of new features in each program build, though occasional updates are sometimes managed.
If you're volunteering to create a new tutorial with 9.04 screenshots, I'm sure Guru would be most grateful for the help.
Thanks for clearing that up. Sticking to the forum from here on. Shall upload pictures when I get it to work and understand things better.
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