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I have updated the Wiki with the new information for Firefox 3 and how to import and export your bookmarks.

Mahmoud has also updated several things on the wiki as of late.

So stop by and let us know what you think! :grinning:
Does FF3 also import/export folders and thier bookmarks as well? Older versions of Firefox are quite a problem (at least they have been for me) because they only saved the links and not folders containing other links into backup html files or when importing bookmarks directly. Kinda bad for someone who likes to organize thier bookmarks further into thier own directories and have done so in thier other browsers.

Btw, good job on the guides :smile:
Well i have not tested a backup from Firefox itself. So i can not comment on that. I will test that out ASAP and give you a definate answer on that Kario. My HTML file was backed up from Opera and contained all the folders and everything.

Thanks for the heads up I will test it out so I can adjust the Guide if need be.
If it helps any I imported the bookmarks from IE. I've never used Opera. I'd try it myself, but I usually only use FF with my Linux installs or when on the road via my portable version on my USB stick. I just know of the issue because I've ran older versions of FF on a test machine before.
Well i use Opera as my main that is why all my files start from there. Even my IE bookmarks were taken from Opera. But it should work from IE as well. As long as they are HTML. I dont like how Firefox 3 uses jos file extension for their bookmark backup.

Glad to see that it has been put to good use already. I have been asked so many times about that and how to backup the firefox profile that i have made up these tuts for people. All in all they have well over a thousand hits on the forums. Not sure how many hits the Wiki has gotten with the tuts as well.
It wasn't a matter of whether or not they are html. The problem I was talking about was that FF wasn't importing subdirectories and thier links from favorites, but only the links that were directly stored in favorites. Anyway, if its worked out, great :smile: