will acer programs survive after windows vista recover disc?


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Apologies if there is already a thread like this.

I was wondering if i went through with the Windows Vista Recovery Disc would the unique programs that came with my Acer computer (from factory settings) survive from this process. If not, is there a procedure for me to backup the software/programs belonging to Acer?

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I was combing through my laptop and i came across an Acer program called Acer Empowering Technology. In that, there is sub categories the one that interested me was the one called... Acer eRecovery Management, in that it has a function labeled: Restore system to factory default. With this newly discovered information, woulkd i need the windows vista installation disc at all now? Also if i use this Acer eRecovery Management, would all the components of vista and acer remain on my laptop?
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Hi Meteorite, welcome to NST.
Our Recovery Disk can not be used to do a full system recovery (i.e. back to factory condition), if that's what you have in mind. For that purpose, you will need a recovery disk from your OEM. Our Recovery Disk is only for repairing the boot of a Vista installation, and for that purpose it works quite well. If that is the problem you're having, after Startup Repair using our disk, you should be able to boot into Vista, with all your programs, and data, intact after the repair process since Startup Repair doesn't touch your user data, just fixes the boot files.


If you can boot your PC, you've no need for our recovery disk.
As Jake said, it's for fixing a broken boot for those users whose OEM didn't provide them with separate bootable recovery media, just a hidden partition. (which you've just discovered)
Look at all the options Acer gives you in there, and if you see one to create bootable backup media, use it now to create your own copy.
For most problems where you might need to fix your system if it breaks, the hidden recovery partition is accessed by Alt F10. If the ability to do that gets broken too, our recovery disk will get you back into Vista, but it might not restore the ability to access the Acer partition.
Make your own backup media as described in the above link, and you'll always be able to restore your system to factory condition even if the HDD explodes.
I have a new Acer machine and due to problems on my first crack at a dual boot system had to do a backup. I made 2 backups to DVD's. The first was a complete backup with everything that was preloaded. The second was after I through away all the crappy bloatware that was slowing everything down. I think there are also factory backups hidden on the HD somewhere. I used eRecovery and restored to my second backup with no problems. Everything worked as before.