Will EasyBCD 2.0 Final support BartPE?


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Same question as above. ^_^ :smile: Will EasyBCD 2.0 final support BartPE, i.e. support booting it from the Vista bootloader? I noticed WinPE already is, but there is no mention of BartPE under the WinPE tab, and I have also seen a reference to BartPE not working with EasyBCD in the beta thread, though that was a earlier version of Easy...
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I imagine you'd add a XP entry and have it point at setupldr.bin rather than the usual ntldr for the path. Problem is, EasyBCD doesn't allow you to adjust the path, so the answer is yes and no. You can use EasyBCD to add the new entry and than bcdedit to adjust the path to the right place. This might cause problems though if you need another entry to point to ntldr for XP...


Here's the answer to your WinPE question:

* Full & Complete WinPE 2.0 support. (Will not support WinPE 1.0 - which is used in BartPE & co.)
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Here's the answer to your WinPE question:

Yes, that is what I what I was referring to in the first post, where I said "...and I have also seen a reference to BartPE not working with EasyBCD in the beta thread". :brows:

The point I was getting at is I was wondering if EasyBCD 2.0 final will support BartPE or not...:wink: That was my question.
Well does the above work?...

I don't know. And as you noted, I would have to get rid of my XP entry to do that, so its probably not the best option...:wink: I might try it sometime, but right now's not the best time. Besides, I thought "ntldr" is still used by BartPE? I am aware of the "setupldr.bin" file's existence, but thought it was for loading BartPE into the ramdisk.

On my USB stick, the ntldr and ntdetect.com got copied into the root along with the rest of the files needed for BartPE, while there was no boot.ini, but a "winbom.ini" file instead. And the "setupldr.bin" is in my minint folder on my USB stick, not the root.


Also, take a look at the Supported Operating Systems page in the wiki...
I'm not sure, it may be outdated, but it clearly states in there that WinPE 1.0 is supported...
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The wikis seriously outdated. Any build past 1.61 I believe doesn't support winpe 1.0.

BartPE does use ntldr, but think of setupldr.bin as the main guy. He "starts the show" so to speak. Since bart pe is basically a stripped down version of Windows XP, it still must use ntldr/ntdetect.com for a successful boot, but boot.ini isnt needed.
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BartPE does use ntldr, but think of setupldr.bin as the main guy. He "starts the show" so to speak.

I don't know...
Since my setupldr.bin is not is not in the root, I don't see how that can be the first boot file that is called...:wink: I think in my case, at least, the ntldr and ntdetect.com is controlling the boot, and the setupldr.bin is used to load BartPE into the ramdisk.

I think there are different methods of using BartPE on a UFD, and the one I'm using doesn't have setupldr.bin as the "main guy". :brows:
If you look at your menu.lst for the kernel line it should be pointing to setupldr.bin. If its not they must have changed things up a bit, but as far as I know its setupldr.bin -> ntldr -> ntdetect.com -> boot XP.
Yep. If you're using syslinux check in the syslinux folder or root for syslinux.cfg. Slightly different format, but it should still be pointing to setupldr.bin. Just because its not in the root doesnt mean it can't be used. You can easily put in /s from the root of the partition you point to to the folder containing the kernel file.
Do you have a syslinux.cfg file or syslinux folder anywhere on the ufd?

Nope. :smile: I just ran a Search on the UFD to be doubly-positive, though I was pretty sure before, and as I thought, it did not find any files or folders with those names. As I said, I'm not using Grub4Dos as my bootloader installed on my UFD...
I appear to be using the standard XP bootloader, minus boot.ini, perhaps with a modified ntldr.
Another possible solution that may work to boot BartPE from Vista's bootloader is if in the case you already have an XP entry (as I do) in the Vista boot menu, you can simply add a new entry in the boot.ini, and point it at the location BartPE is at, i.e. put like rdisk (1) and partition (1) in the second entry line, which just may work. I will have to test it though to see if it does...
If bartpe's truly just using ntldr now than that should be possible. Just have it point at the i386 directory (or w/e you called it)...