will EasyBCD solve this problem

have Win 7 home (64 bit) it can not see 500G hard drive when installed but if removed computer will not boot up. Son found EasyBCD as solving this problem.

But when I read the info on this program it did not sound like it would boot my C (one T sized drive) but I suspect some boot sequence info is on that 500G drive and why it will not boot up without it in it. Can not check as the drive does not show up as being installed.

Eventually though would like to have XP loaded on my computer as I have one expensive program that needs it to run. BUT I need the info off that 500G drive first as it is more important (all home video's on it) spent a lot of time editing and converting from Video 8 and VHS tapes. about 400G of video's

Did you remove the disk letter from the Video drive ?
Explorer won't access a drive without a letter, but it's still there.
Can you see it there in Disk Management ?
If so give it a drive letter again.
I did not remove the letter but my son changed the hard drive (C drive small 140G) and from then on I could not see that extra drive. He said it was there for awhile but then disappeared. Some of it was backed up (DVD's of those videos but not all) I do have the unedited versions but it was a lot of work. then C drive started to act up and decided to do a full re-install of C drive as the computer store have but in a 32 bit version of Windows 7 Home in a 64 bit computer and since the C drive was due for replacement and my son was in town that is what was done. I install the other programs after he left (though no Access as that program has been misplaced, but then the data base was not working correctly in any case and my helper disappeared for that so gave up on that for now) the 500G recovery was way more important.



not sure how to do that with that drive not showing up. tried finding disc manager file/program and it did not come up in programs OR anywhere on the computer. I am pretty sure my son would have used that to name that 500G hard drive (was called 500 miles as I recalled, but not the drive letter though)



was able to get to disk management and the 500G drive was there named Five Hundred Miles BUT no letter assigned. Just had to add an available letter and so I now have access to the drive :openmouth:)))

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it a LOT.

ps Once I have all the drive backed up I will then try to install XP using Easy BCD

Grateful Louise
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