Will the recovery disk work?


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HI all,

whenever I boot up my PC , windows vista Home Premium 32 loads (loading screen with the bar going back and forth) but I get the message that Windows isnt activated and there is an error in the Licensing Service that the register contains inconsistent data and I cant continue. So Windows vista doesnt start anymore. Error code:

I can not restory my PC in safe mode to a previous system restore point as I didnt make one (stupid, i know).

Will the Neosmart Windows vista recovery disk .iso fix this problem or does it only work when you have made a system restore point?

What is the difference between a Windows Vista Reinstallation disk and the Recovery Disk that is offered here?


ps: I didnt activate Vista because I was away from my PC for awhile and now after 1 month it won't start anymore (weird). Maybe a virus?
Hi Colossos, welcome to NST.
Vista gives you 30 days to validate, then disables itself if you fail to do so, but as far as I'm aware it will still function to the point of allowing you to validate. (I've got to 29 days, but never 30 so I don't know from experience.)
Our recovery disk contains no installation files, just the Vista recovery environment to enable you to fix a broken boot and enter system restore or the recovery console.
You could try restarting the broken services as outlined in this other forum by sevencoya.