WIM problem

iv been using Easy BCD for ages now to create a recovery partition for my Win 7 but until this time around iv never let Win 7 create its 100MB hidden partition,

just went to remake the recovery partition, and was told "error accessing object" which im guessing means it cant read the hidden partition? any work arounds? its the 2.0Beta if it helps...

edit: never mind... forgot to switch Zone Alarm off, i havent rebooted to see if im given the options yet, but it seems to have taken, first time iv used 2.0 thank you for removing the "we need the original disk to continue" bit! heres an oddity... Easy BCD is telling me the BCD is stored on Z:\ (my recovery partition) and bcdedit is telling me its on the "system reserved" bit (where its meant to be) but according to bcdedit when i make changes using easy BCD (simply because its easier than typing in commands) bcdedit is telling me that the changes have taken,

is this meant to happen? is it simply a remnant of the system reserved partition not having a letter so easy BCD is making one up? or is it actually a bug?
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You do indeed to disable ZA whenever using EasyBCD cause it breaks any .net app. EasyBCD doesn't make up a drive letter, with the exception of U: in previous versions where auto-detect of the correct drive for an entry failed. EasyBCD also doesn't make up where the BCD store is. If it can't find it it'll prompt you to create a new one or locate/open the existing one manually. If it is off, you might be one of the few with a configuration that requires you give the system reserved partition a letter mapping before entries added/modifed with EasyBCD well work correctly.
justin, thanks for the feedback, it isnt actually a problem as such, everything is working as it should, i just found it odd that easyBCD is telling me the BCD is on Z:\ when its on an unmapped drive, its finding the BCD, and writing to the correct place, it is just the initial loadup screen which lists the entries says "EasyBCD store is on Z:\" when it isnt, i just found it odd is all

and yes i know i have to disable zone alarm, sorry about that, a moment of stupidity on my part