Win 10/Lubuntu 14.04 DualBoot BCD issue

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I have a Dell E6410 in Legacy mode running Win 10 x64 Pro and Lubuntu 14.04 x64 in a dual boot with EasyBCD doing the heavy lifting.

I installed the grub loader onto the partition that Lubuntu was installed on so it wouldn't screw with the Windows bootloader.

I installed EasyBCD 2.3 after reboot into Win 10 (the use Metro scheme was ticked and I left it alone). It took forever to load into Lubuntu (over a minute). It went to the Metro bootloader, then into grub, then into the initial Dell screen then into Lubuntu.

I rebooted into Win 10 and unticked the metro scheme to see if the legacy boot was quicker, and it was. I went back into Lubuntu and installed grub customizer to hide grub and change the timeout to zero.

Lubuntu now boots to desktop in less than twenty seconds.

The problem is, if I shut down the computer from Windows, the next time I boot up, I get the damn Metro scheme again.

I tried this command in an elevated command prompt (bcdedit /set "{current}" bootmenupolicy legacy) which worked until reboot from Windows, then right back to Metro.

I have attached a snip of the results from bcdedit /enum in the hope that someone will be able to direct me to a solution.

Thanks in advance for your time

T BCDedit Capture.JPG


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Thanks for posting the solution.
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