Win 7 64 and OSX in different HD´s


I hope I can find here an answer to my problem:
I have a pc with sata disks and one ide disk. I had a win 7 64 installation in one of the sata drives and I made an installation of OSX in the ide disk. Intallation went OK with no problems at all, the thing is when I boot, it goes to win 7 directly. I installed EasyBCD 2 beta and added an entry for OSX, but I just can´t make it boot. What do I need to do to make it work ?

Thanks !:lol:
Apologies for being quick to an answer. If you are using a Mac we're still working on EasyBCD's OS X support. Its unfortunately hit or miss at the moment with most of us only being Windows/*nix users. What errors are you getting? If you can post debug view from EasyBCD view settings page and a screenshot of disk management one of us might be able to help you.
As I stated in the top post, I have a PC. I´m not getting any errors, just a blinking prompt after I select to boot OSX. Nothing else happens. Using Easy BCD 2.0 beta 90. OSX it´s correctly installed with no errors in a separated ide disk. Win 7 is in a sata disk. There must be something simple to fix, but I don´t know how...
I just found that I can boot OSX if I set the ide HD as the first disk to boot, but I lost the option to boot windows 7. The ide disk is hd0,1 how can I configure easyBCD to boot win 7 and osx, so osx can find the boot in hd0,1 ? some help, please.....
Sounds a bit similar to the problems I've had. Read the thread "Two OS win7 and XP on two disks - no dual boot".

EasyBCD failed to copy the necessary system files to the right place. I got it working using a manual method involving copying the system files to the right place and do some editing.

Unfortuantely I don't know anything about OSX and how it boots.

Good luck!