Win 7 and Jaunty 9.04; please help

Hello everyone,

I have just discovered EasyBCD, and I have joined on to your forum now.

I have installed Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) build 7100 as a first partition. From within Windows itself, I resized its own partition, leaving about 100 gb of free space for an Ubuntu 9.04 install.

Also, from within the Windows 7 disk management utility, I assigned a letter designation to the Windows 7 swap, making it the ':b' drive, and the primary Windows 7 partition is the ':c' drive. This is to allow EasyBCD to properly recognize all partitions.

I booted up the Ubuntu live image, and installed successfully the Ubuntu in the free space. I verified to install GRUB, in the advanced settings, in the Ubuntu partition, so as to not eliminate access to Windows.

I can boot in to Windows 7 with no difficulty, however I am unable to boot to Ubuntu. After several attempts, I have had no success. Please help kindly. Below is my partition table, copied from GParted, in the Ubuntu installer:

unallocated 1 mb
/dev/sda/1 ntfs system reserved 100 mb
/dev/sda2 ntfs 121 gb
unallocated 5.48 mb
/dev/sda3 extended 111.77 gb
/dev/sda5 ext3 107.19 gb
/dev/sda6 linux-swap 4.59 gb


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Hello Matthew, welcome to NST. :smile:
Please try using the EasybCD 2.0 beta version, instead of the 1.7 release if you're using that, since Linux is better supported in the latest build of EasyBCD.
Since Ubuntu is on the same HDD as Win 7, you should not check the "Grub is not installed..." box underneath the Linux tab in the Add/Remove Entries section of EasyBCD, but only point the entry at the correct partition Ubuntu is installed to in the "Device" drop-down menu.


Thanks Jake. I feel, however, that I have done this exactly. My question for you here – and yes, I am guilty of being a noob – do Linux distributions install GRUB in the Linux swap file, or on the general partition where the OS resides? I ask this, as when installing my Ubuntu 9.04, I have entered the 'advanced' tab on the last screen, and selected the specific partition, where to install GRUB. Thanks for any help here. I wish there were a good step-by-step tutorial to follow somewhere...



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Grub is installed where you tell it to, but not to the swap as the swap is strictly used once in the OS as virtual memeory like Windows does with a page file.
Thank you Kairozamorro, however I am still lost here. I have installed Windows 7, and from within the Windows partition editor, I have created free space. In the Ubuntu live install, I select to install the Linux OS to the unallocated space, and then follow to the 'advanced tab', where I have the choice as to where to install GRUB. I can install to dev/sda5, or dev/sda6. The other partitions contain Windows. Where do I tell GRUB to install, and once upon reboot, how do I call up Ubuntu?


Hi Matthew,

These steps should get you there:

1. Boot into Windows 7
2. Run EasyBCD
3. Click the "Add/Remove Entries" button
4. Click on the Linux tab at the bottom.
5. Select "Grub" from the drop down menu for "Type"
6. Name it whatever you wish
7. Select your Linux partition from the drop down menu
(Most likely in your case Drive 0, Partition 3, Linux Native)
8. Leave "Grub isn't installed to the bootsector" unchecked
9. Click "Add Entry"
10. Reboot and you should be laughing....

Good Luck!