Win 7 Beta, XP and Vista = No XP


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I know this question might have been asked before my situation is a bit different....

I'll simplify my problem as much as possible. First, the facts....
I've 2 HDD, a 500GB SATA and a 40GB IDE

The IDE one has XP installed and the drive letter is D
The SATA one has Vista on C and Windows 7 Beta on another

Earlier there was only Vista and XP[installed after Vista, hence drive letter D] and I used EasyBCD to add the XP entry in the Vista boot loader.

My 500GB conked and I was unable to boot into XP bcoz ntldr was missing. I put ntldr and ntdetect in the root of D: and I was back into XP

After my replacement came through I installed Vista and 7 on the new drive on different partitions and both of them show up on the boot menu but XP is missing.

The only way I can boot into XP is by promoting my IDE drive in the BIOS boot priority option.

I've tried using EasyBCD and the XP entry does come but after selecting it either the PC restarts, freezes or gives me a NTLDR error

Please help me out....


Also my Win 7 is x64 and the rest are x86
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Hi, welcome to NST

Have you read through the information about troulbeshooting XP problems in the sticky thread linked to in my sig?
You need to copy (not move - that's why your XP wouldn't boot when the SATA HDD died) the 3 XP boot files to the root of your "system" partition. All the necessary instructions and links are found in the sticky link Justin gave you.