win 7 disk from old computer will not boot BSOD


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just built new Shuttle box with SSD for main drive and 'fresh' installed Win 7 64 bit. It finally dawned on me to put old Win 7 32bit drive in new box so I could boot to it until I am confident I have new 64bit install full of all my must have stuff. The old drive was running in the 2nd physical drive slot on old box (1st spot was XP). I cannot get OLD drive to boot, I get BSOD everytime, even if I try to boot safe mode. I tried BCD repair, but still BSOD.

STOP: 0X0000007B (0x80786A58 0XC0000034 0X0000000 0X0000000)
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You will never get a version of Windows that was installed on another machine to boot in a different machine. Windows installs drivers and others things that are specific to the machine that it is installed on. Those drivers will not match the other machine and therefor no matter what you try you will never get it to boot. You will have to format the drive and install Windows fresh with that machine.

This has changed since the XP Days. Back then you could just do a repair install, but since they got rid of that option you are outta luck.