Win 7 dual boot - seperate registry's


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this is my first time on this forum - i'm a newbie! I'd appreciate some feedback on the following if anyone can help me:

I am using Windows 7 (Home) and booting up is starting to take a long time. Over the years i've loaded a heap of software - a lot of which is still installed. I regularly delete stuff and defrag and optimize the registry and drives and I only have 5 entries in Startup. So why so long?
I figured that if I setup a dual boot system with a lean boot option (with a slim registry and basic apps) for basic work and a full boot option when I wanted access to all the S/W this would give me the best of both worlds. So I installed EasyBCD and created a second Windows 7 boot but it seems that it uses the same registry as I when I deleted a couple of apps from one environment they also disappeared from the other.

Is it possible to setup a full and slim boot option (both Windows 7) with two seperate registry's?
"Cleaning" the registry will lead to many problems, and a much slower system is one of them since programs and Windows search endlessly for the then missing registry keys so brutally hacked out. Use System Restore to get back a copy of the registry that has been undamaged by cleaners.

You did not mention installing your second copy of 7. If you did, where was it installed? Did you have a free partition or create one? If it uses the same registry, it is most likely the same installation, unless you installed another in the same place as the first.

You may actually need to start from scratch with your system backup. Restore a recent system image and then make a partition for installing Windows.

But be aware that a second installation will require another license for 7. One installation for one machine. The second will not activate with the same product key.