win 7 freeze


Hi, Maybe someone can help.
I have win 7 professional on a fit-PC2i I recently purchased.
It has developed a problem.

On boot-up win 7 will open as far as a user account, then when one clicks on an application, Firefox, Computer, Control Panel or whatever the PC freezes and with one more mouse click on anything else the screen grays over so that though one can see whats underneath its not accessible. Thats it, nothing further is possible.

Once this has happened the only way of exiting is to power down the computer. It happens every time I open win 7.

Luckily :smile: I had just downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 to CD to try out, so I am able to write this from there, the PC happily boots from the Ubuntu CD.

Question, what to do?
Should I run the win 7 recovery disc that came with the fit-PC or isn't that appropriate and if I do will I be in danger of loosing all or part of my data?

If thats not appropriate what is?

Being unwillingly new to win 7 I'm at a loss
Try F8 as you power-up to enter the extended boot menu, then try "last known good ....." or if that doesn't work, "safe mode" then see if you have a system restore point from before the start of the problem.
Hi Terry,

Thanks that worked,
I mentioned to someone here that I was going to do this and was met with "Oh you will lose a lot of your data" being foolish I half believed him, so had to gather together enough usb sticks to back up all the more important stuff thru Ubuntu in case it was true.
Thats why it's taken so long to get to do it.
And of course when I did do it I was met with a message 'None of your data will be affected by this operation' I should have asked you.

Seems the culprit was a 'Critical windows update'.

Anyway thanks for your help
For future reference, any problem caused by WUD entitles you to free one-to-one support from MS.
Just follow the links from "Update History".
Glad you're OK now.