Win 7 OSX - So Close but no cigar!


Anyone give me some direction here? I have a single HD with Win 7 on first partition, a fat32 active partition, and then OSX on the third. Can boot into win 7 no problem with EasyBCD but no luck finding OSX. I have tried all the options including neogrub but no luck. I get the Chameleon 2.0 RC4 bootloader but it errors out after loading part of the boot files (see attachment screen shot). I am able to boot into OSX if I use a usb stick with the OSX install on it. Can anyone help?


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I assume you're missing certain critical boot files from your OS X installation.

I would think that but how am I able to boot from the Darwin bootloader on my usb bootable stick which contains OSX install? I am able to interrupt the install process and I am given the option to boot into Win 7 or OSX on my hd and both will boot just fine. I would assume it also must point to the same boot files on the hd to make it boot OSX that EasyBCD has set up for the Win 7 bootloader to use. Sorry if this is a newbie question as I know very little about the boot process. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this as I would like not to have to carry a stick to get to OSX.