Win 7 overwrites XP bootloader automatically (after install)


I'm currently using the XP boot loader and boot vista, Win 7, XP and 3 flavors of Linux. I got tired of the computer crashing in Windows and then rebooting into Linux with corrupted NTFS drives, what I did to fix this is made 6 different boot.ini files and named them bootXP.ini, BootVista.ini and so on. I then added a bat file to autostart in windows and a script in Linux to copy boot*. ini to boot.ini, this makes my machine reboot into whatever OS was previously loaded. I used bootpart to copy partitions.

It all worked great until Win 7 joined the party, now every 4 to 5 boots Win 7 decides to overwrite the XP bootloader and adds itsels as a default boot option. Looking at the bootloader in EBCD it only lists "Windows (recovered)", when booting it shows all the entries, I assume it's adding the boot.ini options automatically. Anyways the problem is I can't change the default boot with my scripts. The question is has anyone heard of Win 7 automatically overwriting the MBR after the OS has been installed and running and how can I tell it not to overwrite? I really like the idea of rebooting into the same system as was running and would prefer not to give that up. Thanks for reading, I hope it makes sense.