Win 7 recovery Disc Issues: H E L P ~


The computer I have came originally boxed with Vista 64bit, I updated at the Microsoft store about a Month or so ago to Win 7. No probs!

I am about to add some hardware and think that I may need a recovery disc, So I have been trying to create one this a.m.

In my attempts to create a recovery disc via Win 7, I get an error 0x80004005.

So after two attempts I turned to the Net, found a wonderful little program to aid me, seemed to be working, but in the verify stage of the recovery disc creation, same error appeared.

I'm not a command line geek, but did manage to run a disk check and a scannow command, and no errors were found.

Any ideas how I can go about repairing this error issue? AND/OR create the disc?

Links or suggestions greatly appreciated!:smile:

Thanks in advance, tom




Burn issue ya think? I'll go and try another one and get back to you. I was using the Windows player~



What are you using to burn? We recommend ImgBurn.

Worked!! YAY!! No, I have no idea why it worked, but I will say, I've never seen a more completely competent interface than IMG burn, for burning info~

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and guide me thru my Win7 experience!

cheers, tw
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Windows player? You mean Windows Media Player? Yeah, thats just for burning your music to disc.


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In W7, there is (for the first time in a Windows OS) an ISO burner.
Just click on any .iso file and , provided you don't have a third party app which has grabbed the .iso filetype, you'll automatically enter the "Windows Disc Image Burner"