Win 7 repair disc only sees D drive


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My computer has been running SO slow. Have tried Bit Defender, Spin Rite, but still running slow. When I bought Win 7 repair, thinking my Windows might be corrupted from some hard reboots due to frozen computer, it only sees D Drive and tells me to download drivers. Not even sure where to find them or why I need them, since my D drive is very small and I never use it. I only use C. Any thoughts on how to get it to see my C drive?
Sometimes it can't see the OS if there are multiple HDDs connected.
If C and D are different HDDs, temporarily disconnect D while you try the repair.
(but note, you don't need to repair the boot if the system does boot up. It's not a cure-all for any OS ailment, just a way of getting back into a healthy OS which has lost it's boot files for some reason - like grub or XP overwriting them)