Win 7 resets modem/router

Each time computer with win7 is turned on it resets the already running (with other computers) ADSL modem and after that the speed drops to sometimes half the normal speed.
Three other computers (XP) on the same ADSL modem/router don't cause that problem and the speed is always at it's max.

This is Windows 7 -64.
I tried PCI NIC, then went back to the on-board, all drivers are up-to-date and I have no idea why it is doing this.
It seems like it is trying to impose it's own rules on this small network.
Does it do this when you startup in safe mode too? Start it up disconnected. Check the IPv4 adapter properties and make sure its getting its address info automatically.
Hi Tricky Dicky,
if you set total manual the IP, Gateway, Net-Mask, DNS (and DHCP?) in your PC and after a reboot (or only after a real new cool start) are all datas mismatch or losing, then you have a App working, that reset the NetCard-Datas "Uppss :frowning:(", or a "Bug" have distroyed a part of your Win7-Network.
Win7 can repair this true with his own routine, you must only activation this with a mouse-click.

Your Router (including in the ADSL-Modem like Fritz?) is your DHCP-Server?
In your Router are all Datas still OK?
I work not with DHCP in my Network.
My Datas for LAN and WAN are set manual in all PCs only.
If i set "automatic search and setting Network access" in one of my PCs in my Home, the LAN or WAN is forbidden for this PC.
I have Win7 x64 too (and a little bit more OSs).

You have a "home-Network", or management your Router without a own "Home-Network" your Access (like my System)?

Greetings from Germany,