win 7 Vista 64 dual boot



Have a 64 bit dual boot system and setup BCD 1.7.2 on the Vista side. Win 7 shows as E: with Vista as C:
All works fine. C:\Boot\ folder shown on Vista side in file explorer.

I now want to remove Vista from my hard drive without losing the boot menu. Is this as straightforward as installing BCD on the Win 7 side and setting up the boot menu there (and thus create a \Boot\ folder on the C: drive (shown when in Win 7))? or is there more to do before I can safely format the Vista partition?

Secondly IF I wanted to remove BCD entirely how is best to do this and revert to the standard Boot method (Win7 DVD repair?)

thanks for any help.
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Hi arg, welcome to NST.
Version 1.7.2 is practically extinct and way outdated by now.
Download EasyBCD 2.0 beta latest build instead and install it. It should remove the previous version automatically.
Now, run it, and use the "Change Boot Drive" function displayed in one of the screens to move all boot files to a HDD/partition of your choosing automatically. Don't worry about moving them manually.
Now, you should be able to remove the Vista partition (or format it, or whatever) and your system should still boot.