Win 7 x64 and OSX problem

Hey guys

New to here, so, let me know what info I have missed.

Primary drive has Windows 7 64bit, and, have just installed the new Easybcd 2 beta

I believe its drive 2 (0, 1, 2) that I have a workin version of OSX 10.5.8 running.

Asus p5Q-Em board, and, both OSX and Windows are running in AHCI, so, no issues there.

Whichever drive I choose as primary in Bios will boot into the relevant OS absolutely fine, however, I want to keep the windows as primary drive. I have the entry for OSX via BCD however, when I select it, it starts (what looks like Chameleon 2 ( I dont think I am running that as normal), and, doesnt seem to be findin the OSX drive as default, booting into random drives that of course wont boot.

When I choose F8 and select my OSX drive, it reboots, and doesnt load OSX. I didnt use Chameleon 2 as it was not playing nice with this install, I believe I am using version 1.

I am not seemingly able to "find" or select my osx drive in the settings on BCD.

I also tried version 1.7, which gave me the option to specify drive and partition for OSX in one of the options, however, this didnt seem to save anywhere

Any help would be great. As I said, at the moment, I can boot into either, but, this means changing boot drive in bios, which isnt ideal :smile:
The more I read, I am going to try something else, asmy windows is a barebones, I havent installed much yet. My OSX drive is GUID, whereas Windows are all MBR. I have used boot 132 and a retail leopard disc, so, It didnt seem to want to install on a MBR partitioned drive... so....

Going to install OSX again, and, see if Windows will install on a partition created in OSX, not done that yet :smile: