Win 7 / XP dualboot EasyBCD use


I have a Win 7 Premium install on one physical disk. I intend to create a dual-boot system with XP. Will I have to install EasyBCD on the XP partition once created? I believe that I will not be able to boot into Win 7 as the XP install will overwrite the Win 7 MBR, so will I be configuring EasyBCD in XP rather than on the Win 7 partition?

Thanks in advance for any advice


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You'll need to install Net 2.0 framework on XP first, before EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
Then "manage bootloader" "reinstall Vista/W7 boot loader"
Then "add/remove entries" windows tab / XP dropdown "add"
Accept the offer to auto-configure XP
Don't change the XP drive letter.