Win 98SE - Still Problematic w/ EasyBCD?



I was considering adding a Windows 98SE option to my current boot setup of Vista 64 and XP SP3 (32-bit.)

I was searching through the forum for a guide on how to do this, and the thread that I read about it seemed to indicate that it was very difficult to make Windows 98 work with EasyBCD and that eventually those who sought to do so were instructed to use a virtualization program. However, this thread was a year old.

Is it still such a problem? Or has support for this option improved?
Hi Sriracha, welcome to NST.
The difficulties aren't due to a problem in EasyBCD, but to the restrictive nature of the architecture of the Windows boot pre-NT.
Have a read of the wiki and see if that tells you what you need to know.
EasyBCD 2.0 has fully-automated Windows 9x support and should work out of the box for most configurations (depending on how Windows 98 was installed).

Give it a shot and see.