win xp and win 7 dual boot problems


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I have win xp installed on my main IDE drive and have just installed win 7 on a sata drive. The problem is that both the drives are ok but i cannot boot win 7. when i go to start, both systems are recognised. when i try to start win 7 all i get is a black screen. When i tried to alter the boot settings in the Bios it will only recognise the xp drive although it recognises both of them when i go into the hard disk part of the Bios
Set the Windows 7 drive first to boot in BIOS and perform startup repair for Windows 7 if needed. Use EasyBCD Beta to add and have EasyBCD auto-configure a working entry for XP.
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Check your BIOS boot section again.
Nowadays the boot order isn't set on a single screen, but in a tree-structure menu.
Top level sets CD/HDD order, next nested level sets which CD or which HDD comes first.