Win XP: computer disk hardware configuration problem.


I've just recovered my Windows XP Partition using the 7.2.137 Beta. My drive configuration is Windows 7 x64 on a Raid drive (2 SATA) which is the primary active drive where bootmgr is. My Windows XP partition is on a second SATA drive (no raid) and then one small data drive also SATA.

What I am seeing is that the XP partition becomes unbootable if I do not gracefully shutdown the OS. I have had to basically turn off the machine a couple of times due to a problem with the data drive causing the OS to become completely unresponsive.

I get the following message on boot:
Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

I can boot into Windows 7 with no problems. If I run chkdsk on XP Drive it does not detect any problems however I cannot boot into the XP drive unless I remove the entry in EasyBCD and then recreate it and then XP will be happy and boot until I shutdown again ungracefully. Also if I do the same thing boot into 7 run chkdsk on xp drive but not make changes in bcd then reboot xp will still fail.

I'm removing the data drive which I think may be corrupt for now since its backed up and I've not used it for a while but I'm concerned about the stability of the bootmgr in this case. Is this just a windows quirk or is there something EasyBCD is doing here to fix the problem?
Check your BIOS to make sure your W7 "system" drive is top of the boot sequence.
Boot sequence is stable and pretty sure it would not let my pick the BCD options without that being the same as I would have seen another list all together or none. Basically the RAID drive (W7) is certainly number 1 though I couldn't say for sure about the rest of sequence which I assume shouldn't matter though I dont know what tricks are done behind the scenes after the first menu is selected.

My current motherboard is good about keeping the boot sequence order. My previous one would change it at the drop of a hat and that caused a lot of problems. Anyway I'll keep an eye out for that being an issue though.