Win XP PRO SP3 'Performance Edition' and Vista 32bit

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Hi all,

I've used EasyBCD many times over the past couple years, and have built many computers with dual or multiboots. However, I'm having some trouble getting EasyBCD to recognize this copy of XP SP3 Performance Edition (obtained here: Windows XP Performance Edition SP3 - March 2009 (download torrent) - TPB).

I've installed the XP, but EasyBCD would not run properly in that environment, so I manually restored the Vista boot record using the installation CD. Now i'm back in Vista, running the newest EasyBCD, and it doesn't recognize that I have this Performance Edition XP on another (F) partition (Vista is on C).

I notice that as soon as I select that I want to add a Windows 2k/XP install to add to the MBR, it locks my selection to the C: drive. However, I know of at least one other occasion when I installed XP on a 'non-C' partition and it worked fine.

It's crossed my mind that if I completely wipe the drive and then install XP first and then Vista, then the operating systems will be able to swap the C drive letter. Then again this isn't a retail release of XP, so I don't know if it'll have that feature.

All this to say, has anybody worked with this Performance Edition before? Any tips?

I'm running an XPS m1330, which natively comes with Vista. I don't think this info is of any consequence but I figured i'd throw it in.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Your copy of XP appears to be a pirated version. It may contain unwanted software as well. If its just the service pack and not an entire OS I would recommend re-installing XP with a reformat and downloading SP3 from Microsoft instead or installing it via Windows Update. We cannot support illegal activity here.
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