Win XP x64 and CD-ROM


:frowning: I recently installed Windows XP Pro x64 on My AMD sempron computer. Ever since installing the OS when I eject a cd out of the cd-rom and then immediately put in a new cd, the old cd starts up, not the one I just put in. I have to eject the new cd and click on my cd-rom desktop icon, ok the error message and then reinsert the new cd, which now loads. Any suggestions on solving this problem? Thanks.
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try deleting the drive from the device manager and reinstalling it - does that address the problem?
:frowning: No that did not work. I also put in a new IDE cable but it still did not work. I have a program from giga-byte, my motherboard manufactorer, called IDE tool. so far as I know it does nothing when clicked on. Could it be the problem? I did not install this program on my old OS.
No, that has nothing to do with it.

Does this work?

Open Regedit and navigate to the key:


In the right-hand pane look for the value AutoRun and make sure it is
set to 1. If not, change, close Regedit and reboot.

If you have any Adobe programs, you must remove them first.
:frowning: The registry key for autorun was already set to 1. I noticed some scsi entries having to do with two group keys, also the tag key was set to two.
:frowning: I downloaded the autofix.exe program but a message comes up saying that it does not run on 64 bit windows. If you know of any other ideas please help!
Thanks for all of your suggestions.
:smile: I found a program to take care of my problem: anti-lost cd ejector. as long as I use this program to eject my cd's and close the door, i have no problem with running the 2nd cd. so this program clears the image buffer of the cd-rom.