Win32/Conficker.B/Downadup infections

Windows Updates

What a perfect time to remind everyone that updates are incrediably important. Anytime someone nay-says about how the update proccess takes 5-10 minutes every month I tell them "well would you rather be wide-open (basically) because of your stupidity?"

So don't let it happen to you. If your lazy do yourself a favor and at least have automatic updates enabled. You'll thank yourself later.

Yo-yo Kaizo, I agree with you 100% but what happens when/if the updates cause almost irreparable harm? Then what are we 2 do or think? I was buck-keen on updates but it all went sour. If my PC were not under warranty, that SP1 update would have cost me big is it really user error? Or is something weird going on? If it's all user error I'm over the moon to admit that because it's an easier answer 2 live with.

Updates are generally really heavily tested before being pushed out on Windows Update.

Granted, there have been a couple of mishaps in recent history, but nothing so bad that you should think twice before applying the critical updates :smile:
I've never had problems with updates but its good to review the updates info before installing them, so if something goes wrong you know what they targeted and can work much better to correct it. This however would have it where you'd haft to give it the say so to install, which would be bad if you don't regually do so and rely on Windows to automatically patch itself.