Win7 added to single drive with XP but still 2 boot menus


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Just installed Win7 on the same hard drive that has XP on it. Once Windows7 was installed and booted ok, I installed Hide N Seek and selected the volume that was XP and Win7. However when I selected the Vista item from Hide N Seek menu I am then presented with the Windows 7 boot loader menu on which Windows7 is selected and have to press enter to get Win7 to load. Have I forgotten to do a step here and that is why I am seeing the Vista boot loader screen only when I select the Vista aka Win7 entry on the Hide N Seek menu? When I select XP on the Hide N Seek menu XP boots up right away.
In Windows 7, use EasyBCD to remove the XP entry from the BCD (you don't need it anymore. HnS is calling NTLDR itself, it doesn't go via the BCD now)
Once the BCD contains only one entry, it will no longer present a menu
(alternatively you can just set timeout to 0, that also suppresses the W7 menu)