Win7 and Linux Mint dual boot problems


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Hi I am trying to quad boot xp,win7,linux and Mac. All have booted ok until I loaded Mint 8 with Grub2 boot loader which as usual *x*ks everything up.....:rage:

I have after several different attempts repaired the win7 MBR and got it to boot into win 7 and xp. I have added linux as grub 2. When I reboot it searches the drives then I just get a Grub promt from grub4dos. I did try a few different ways, one way booted into a menu display (grub4dos) I think but the file it was looking for was 'menu.lst'. The new version of grub 1.97 does not have menue.lst - it has grub.cfg instead. I could not find anyway of changing the file it was trying to open (like you can in grub).

My setup is as follows:

Disk 1
Xp recovery on p 1
xp on p2
win 7 system folder on p3
win 7 on p 4

Disk 2 (guid partioning)
fat 32 efi partition 1
Mac os x86 10.5.7 on p2
linux ext3 /boot on p3
linux ext3 / on p4
linux swap on p5
unformated partion p6

There is an option for 'tick if not installed on mbr' but it can only be ticked if using grub (not grub 2). The linux is installed on another drive but apparently that shouldnt be a problem with the new version of easybcd?

I did try installing neogrub and copying the entries from grub.lst into the neogrub file but that did not work either. I unistalled that, deleted all linux entries and re entered linux (grub2) and got the above results. Is there a way to manualy divert to th grub2 files? I was going to install grub to the System reserved partition made by windows 7 and try and point there but i'm worried that will just mess up windows 7!! ? and even if it does piont there will it look for menu.lst? from the older grub...

Ihave since re loaded chameleon back to the second drive to make osx load again, it loads fine when booted from bios or with the first disk taken out but when I load from easybcd (MBR option) I get chainload error. It worked fine before I loaded grub. one more note is that when I reloaded chameleon the first disk was not in the laptop (to save messing it up by accident) that ment the disk was disk 0 instead of disk 1 when chameleon was loaded, I dont think it should make a difference but thought it may mean something???

I hope someone can shed some light on this as it is doing my head in!!:rage::??
Whn I get it all working I will post my exact method to save some poor person the stress. :smile:

Many thanks