Win7 and then XP


Same question as most people (hello by the way)

I have Win 7 64Bit installed for my photoediting and decided to install XP SP2 as my gaming OS as its the most stable in my opinion with my current hardware setup.

I followed the advice from many places to the T i.e.

Installed new 250Gb drive
Installed windows XP onto drive
Inserted Windows 7 Disc and repaired the startup
Installed EasyBCD 2 on Win 7 and added windows XP
Copied the Ntd** (those two files) onto both my C: (win 7) and F: (win XP) drives.
Eventually got into Win xp
So its working


When I select Windows Xp my screens load up windows XP to a point when my USB controller powers up then the load screen dissapears and the PC reboots after about 1sec of black screen

When rebooting and selecting XP again I get the whole safe mode etc screen.
I select last know configuration and it boots into windows XP, losing ALL of my settings i.e. Screen Res, which screen is which.

Why is it doing this?
Did XP boot properly before you repaired the W7 boot ?
Is XP seeing itself as the same letter now as it did then ?
•Yes XP did boot properly before repairing 7.
•The drive letters have not changed since installation and I did set up the new Windows XP entry into the bootloader with default reference to c

I did copy the NT*** files to both my F and C drives as my XP would not boot without it on both drives.
If you used EasyBCD 2.0 build 82, you should not have needed to copy any files yourself. Everything necessary for an XP dual boot is done for you. (Some earlier builds picked up an accidental error - so don't use them)
Your problem seems, from your description, to occur later than the boot process, but if you didn't use the latest build, try remove/add again with build 82 as a first attempt.
The BCD entry, using the add/remove page of build 82, (so both, if that's not your current version).
" oging on honeymoon " ?

I've never heard it called that before.
Good luck and Congratulations.