WIN7 and XP DUAL BOOT Plus use of 3.5 inch floppin in WIN7 problematic


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:lol:I built a brand new AMD Regor 255, two separate SATA II drives 1TB each, partitioned in half. One is loaded with Win7 Professional, and everything works fine.
except the 3.5" floppy. I have Win7 loaded, but now I'm trying to load a second bootable XP Pro operating system to this build. The instructions I am following say that I need to load SATA drivers, so when I hit F6 when loading XP PRO, it asks for the drivers to be loaded on the 3.5 floppy. Unfortunately, mu brand new floppy is INOP on WIN7 for some reason. I have tried two brand new drives, neither works.
Any suggestions about how to get the drivers loaded I need for XP-SATA. I am not using any RAID configuration.

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My W7 x64 has no problem with the floppy drive, so the problem is not endemic to 7.
Have you got the BIOS set to ignore floppy boot ?