Win7 DVD installation and repair having ASRock motherboards


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- Motherboard: ASRock H1110M-HDV
- HDD's
Disk0 : with WIN10 installed from Zero
Disk1 : an old installation of WIN7 Ultimate (NoSP1) and left as is

-EasyBcd configured for WIN10 as default (C:smile: and WIN7 (D:smile: as choice.
-When the Win7 OS is selected, PC reboot again for the OS
and the Blue-screen comes-up with message "Boot Config Data file does not contain a valid OS entry"
I've posted this question to Terry in the EasyBCD support, provided him with Disk Managent picture
and EasyBCD settings picture. Now I'm waiting if there is a solution from the EasyBCD settings.

In this Thread I'm looking for an alternative solution
I had some problem with the VISTA/WIN7 combination and an old mobo.
It was resolved booting from Win7 installation DVD,
- choosing repair from Command Prompt and
- bootrec.exe utility (/Fixmbr , /rebuildbcd)
This time (new Mobo) I've tried same actions (BIOS select Boot from DVD) and the following happened:
- Installation DVD starts with 'Windows is loading files',
- At First Screen (Language and so on) Keyboard and Mouse were not working,
- any other action was no more possible and I had to brutally Power-off the PC.

In the ASRock web site the problem is well known.
DVD Win7 installation has no drivers for USB2 ports so a patch file should be downloaded and added to the DVD files ???
but if you have PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse anything go wright with the DVD.

- Staying in the Win10 environment, USB Keyboard and Mouse work well,
- The Win7 DVD installation is explored good
- If I select Setup.exe the prg starts and the first screen prompts for a two choice, One of them is Install Win7.
I'd like to know:
- if the install choice is selected then the process at some point will prompt either for Install OS or Repair OS ?
- Should the Repair OS be an option, PC HDD's are scanned to look for which Disk has the Win7 installed? so that sub-option
Command Prompt can be entered and try to use the bootrec.exe utility only on the appropriate Disck (That is Disk1 D:smile:

I wish this post is clear


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Don't chose "Install"
In the bottom left of the screen should be "Repair Your Computer".
Choose that and on the next screen "Startup Repair"


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I was able to find two USB/PS2 adaptors so I've enabled in mobo BIOS the PS2 socks; then I've booted from Win7 DVD
and the repair process started (PS2 devices are recognized).

Then I selected Repair Computer.
A screen appeared showing that two OS were detected (maybe the recovery partitions of Win10 and Win7).
In doubt I stopped and quit the procedure.

I would like as last solution to rebuild the Win7 BCD and I'm aware that the best action would be to Power-off PC, isolate the Win10 Disk, start again with DVD and proceed with the repair process of Win7 (the only running Disk). I would like avoiding this, so Questions are:

1) With both Disks running, if I choose the Win7 partition and start repair PC am I sure that the Win10 will not be damaged ?

2) If the System Repair process should fail and "Command Prompt" would be required for using the
"bootrec.exe" utility to rebuild Win7 MBR (/fixboot , /fixmbr) do you know if bootrec.exe allows to indicate
which partition must be fixed?

Again I wish the post is clear. Any suggestions are welcome to make Win7 starts again.

P.S. for Terry: These posts are strictly connected to those one recently opened by me in the EasyBCD forum about
Dual Boot Win10/Win7 failure after mobo upgrade


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Try the other thread first.